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Lantiq version

Post by kingpeppermint »

I'm sorry if it has been asked before, but i have a Tp-link Tl-w8970 it is running openwrt now but from the looks of it i like Gargoyle better.
I did clone the git and it was very easy to start the build process, having done the same with openwrt i was wondering is it possible to take the lantiq support from openwrt an use it for gargoyle. I have seen the directory structure is different but does that also mean i need different files or can i just reorder files and start the build process?
I know xdsl is not supported but that is not important for me anyway, it is nice if it works but it's not really needed, as it is behind my other(isp) modem/router now anyway

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Re: Lantiq version

Post by Lantis »

If you're not interested in the xdsl functionality, then setting up a lantiq profile (like how we have the existing ar71xx, mvebu etc profiles) should be very straight forward. There are good instructions in the wiki and on the git repository.
There should be no need to copy anything from OpenWrt, just use the Gargoyle build environment (which is a wrapper for the OpenWrt one).
If you get stuck with this process, please post back :)

If you want the xdsl to work, the process is essentially the same, however the Gargoyle GUI won't support it and you will be largely on your own with configuration and making it play nice. for the latest releases
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