problems with Web GUI via SSH tunnel

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problems with Web GUI via SSH tunnel

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I have configured my router to allow SSH on the WAN side. Over the SSH connection, I tunnel to the router's admin web GUI at the LAN address :80.

I am accessing everything in-house, so there is no Internet latency to deal with.

Access through tunneled :80 is significantly slower than direct normal LAN access to the router. Why might this be? The SSH connection is there and stable seems to be quite performant. The load average of the router does not seem to go up during access.

I also can not access some admin pages, as if parts are being unintentionally blocked. The worst example is the Firewall Restrictions page:
ThroughTunnel.JPG (81.89 KiB) Viewed 1132 times

Anyone have any thoughts as to what is happening? I realize this is not a standard usage.

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