Setting up subdomains

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Setting up subdomains

Post by ed1023 »

Ok I am a little bit of a network amateur so please bear with me. I want to setup subdomain names to go to different internal servers.

Hardware and Software forward:
Gargoyle Version: 1.5.10
Model: Netgear WNDR 3700v1
Device Configuration: Gateway

I have a domain pointing to my router

I have port forwarding set up to forward port 80 to an internal ip that my webserver is at

What I am hoping to be able to set up is subdomains that I can point to different internal network address that I have servers or vms sitting on.

Examples: -> would go to an internal server to handle mail. -> would go over port 80 to an internal web server that hosts gitlab.

Is it possible to do this? I assume that I will have to edit config files, if so what do I need to edit. Or do I need to go to a full blown Linux box to set something like this up?

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Re: Setting up subdomains

Post by throughwalls »

You can have multiple subdomains
Each of these can be set up to the same ip address as Your domain registrar can likely help with this

You then do port forwarding for each of the relevant protocols to the appropriate internal services running on one or more internal servers. This is done in Gargoyle

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