causing ddns plugin to update wrong IP

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Re: causing ddns plugin to update wrong IP

Post by Lantis »

That site has now been fixed (an alternative endpoint provided for us).
I'll get that changed for future versions of Gargoyle. A good outcome. for the latest releases
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Re: causing ddns plugin to update wrong IP

Post by westapher317 »

I have experienced the same thing using Namecheap's DDNS service - that is, DDNS IP addresses being changed to in Namecheap's records.

I eliminated the issue for the time being by pulling DDNS out of the loop, and going with static A records. My IP addresses (on two subdomains hosted by TP-Link Archer C7 routers running Gargoyle 1.12.0), while technically dynamic, rarely change, and I have a backup for retrieving the new IPs if they do actually change. But it would be nice to identify the actual source of the problem, and resolve it.

EDIT: I missed that this has been resolved in 1.13.x. Although I really still don't understand the nature of the problem, I'm glad to know it has been addressed.

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