OpenWRT gui vs Gargoyle gui opening

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OpenWRT gui vs Gargoyle gui opening

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I prefer Gargoyle to Openwrt, however, I recently got a cheap N150R router (which doesn't save settings with Gargoyle) so I put OpenWrt on it. I wanted to add another Dumb Wireless AP (a router that extends my wireless range) on my network. I have one setup with Gargoyle (Internet Connect Via: = Disabled, and Router IP: = +1 of my Gateway router IP).

I was able to setup a Dumb AP with Openwrt and it appears to be working ok. My issue, if the Openwrt Dumb router is NOT connected to the network (just an ethernet line from my PC to the LAN port on the router) the Openwrt LuCI GUI does not open when I enter the IP address into the browser. It only opens when the router is connected to my network. When I do the equivalent with my Gargoyle Dumb AP, it opens the Gargoyle GUI fine.

Why can the Gargoyle GUI open when only connected to pc and the Openwrt GUI does not since Gargoyle is based on Openwrt? Is there a setting in openwrt I need to set someplace? Any help appreciated.

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Re: OpenWRT gui vs Gargoyle gui opening

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If it is truly setup as a dumb AP, then it probably has no DHCP server running and therefore when you connect it straight to the PC the PC doesn't get an IP address and can't connect to it.
I expect if you set the PC to a static IP you could connect. for the latest releases
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