Better WiFi settings

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Re: Better WiFi settings

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Volaris wrote:
Lantis wrote:Yes it would use a similar method of harvesting the data and then do a weighted score to figure out which channel is best.

Channel 1 with weaker signals.
But, your 2.4 is full as. Move to 5ghz and I think you'll see a massive improvement.

Thanks! I should be getting a WD My Net N750 this Friday so I'm looking forward to that. My current 2.4GHz network dies each time the microwave is turned on.

This is in a suburban neighborhood with single family homes not too close to each other - I can only imagine how busy the 2.4GHz band is in big city apartments and condos!

Also, not sure if relevant, but I noticed on the spectrum analyzer tool, you have to keep refreshing if you want a lot of networks to show up. If you only load it once, it'll show around half of those networks.

I love my n750. If I want to do any testing then I use my n750 because it cant be bricked. I wish that WD had dun a AC model. There routers were really good don't know why they stopped making them.
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Re: Better WiFi settings

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