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Gargoyle - changelog

Post by ispyisail »

Hi all

I've updated the changelog and format. ... =changelog

7+ years of revisions was getting to much for one page

I think its a good time to thank Eric for his insane amount of work, time and effort he has put into this project.

Our society is a better place.

Thank you

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Re: Gargoyle - changelog

Post by phgerin »

Thanks Eric, and all the contributors !

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Re: Gargoyle - changelog

Post by tapper »

+1 thanks for helping me to keep my kids safer on the internets!
phgerin wrote:Thanks Eric, and all the contributors !
Linksys WRT1900AC V2 Gargoyle 1.11
Linksys WRT3200ACM OpenWrt Snapshot

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Re: Gargoyle - changelog

Post by danymarc »

Thanks Eric for all the joy you provide to all the forum members

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Re: Gargoyle - changelog

Post by sajjadhalai »

Offcourse he has..

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Re: Gargoyle - changelog

Post by spudstrawb »

Yes, a big thanks to Eric. But thanks also to the others who freely give their time and effort to make this thing work. Much appreciated from my end.

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Re: Gargoyle - changelog

Post by x1705 »

New here, but i wanted to say thanks also, for all yours (and everyone elses) hard work and time.. I have flashed Gargoyle 1.9.0 to my NETGEAR WNDR3800[CH] (yeah, off ebay i received the Charter Model, unbeknownst to me - but GRATEFULLY you had this "version" of router also supported!!!
And WOW, it REALLY works.. and Works VERY WELL! Thanks for helping make a lot of us happier with our purchases, and for me and a few other's that i've seen here, "Helping us keep our internet (QoS), and Kids safer."


PPS: I've been a solid user of DD-WRT on all of my routers for over 10 years.
just came across this site/Firmware lately due to our ISP restricting our current Bandwidth CAPS. Now, I can successfully manage the data_use! :)

Thank you.
Please, keep up the good work,
will Paypal something ASAP for a contribution when i can.
very well worth it.


NETGEAR WNDR3800[CH] -- Gargoyle 1.9.0 Exceptional!
ASUS RT-N66U -- (working on it;) .. searching forums.. ;)
WNDR3800[CH] -- Exceptional! with Gargoyle 1.9.x
ASUS RT-N66U -- Tried With Gargoyle 1.8.0 (WiFi didn't work well)

-Thanks to all whom contribute to this Exceptional Router Firmware!!! :)

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Re: Gargoyle - changelog

Post by nworbnhoj »

Thanks for taking the time to say thanks!
Can you help someone else get Gargoyle up and running?
TL-WDR3600 : Gargoyle 1.9.0 : NBN FixedWireless
TL-WR1043ND-V2 : Gargoyle 1.8.0 : 3G Huawei E160E

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