Understanding QOS

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Understanding QOS

Post by TBP »

Can someone help me understand the default settings for QOS.

The first 1024KB of web browsing (40/443) is given the class of "Normal 18%" and then "Fast 80%" with DNS 53.
How does this first 1024KB criteria help?

I would have thought "Fast 80%" would allow more resources?

Default class is "Slow 1%" so would this be all other uses apart from web browsing and probably include Skype?

I have read the http://www.gargoyle-router.com/wiki/doku.php?id=qos QOS wiki page a few times but cant seem to understand it.
Any help or links would be most appreciated.


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Re: Understanding QOS

Post by drawz »

Most individual elements/transfers within a webpage are fairly small (<1MB), so this helps prioritize browsing. HTTP transfers over 1MB are probably bulk file downloads, so they are at a lower priority.

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