Hot to use "Ping Watchdog" on Gargoyle ???

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Hot to use "Ping Watchdog" on Gargoyle ???

Post by alfy81 »

Hi anybody,
How does it works Watchdog if I want to run a script ?
Once i have created the script, in which folder I need to copy the script ?
And then once enabled "Ping Watchdog" in label "Action:" select "Run custom script" which path I have to write in order to run the script that I just created ?
I let him run a script constantly...

thanks for your support...


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Re: Hot to use "Ping Watchdog" on Gargoyle ???

Post by ericwong »

I think you should use cron instead.
Search for Openwrt cron, Gargoyle is based on Openwrt.
Eric Wong

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