Over all throttling

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Over all throttling

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I have looked through the forums for the answer to this question, but all of the questions/answers seem to be about limiting specific machine speeds using QOS.

Here's what I want to do. I have a business and I want to provide wifi access for my customers. However, I do not want to give them full-speed access to my connection. I do not want them coming to my business to watch netflix, download movies, and other high bandwidth actives. I want to allow the wifi access as a convenience should they need to look something, send and email, etc etc.

So, will Gargoyle allow me to just throttle back the entire connection?

Thanks in Advance

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Re: Over all throttling

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Re: Over all throttling

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If I wanted to provide my customers access, I would do it in the following way:

Use a separate router for your clients. They are cheap and it means the customers are (somewhat) isolated from you.

On Connection > Basic I would enable Wireless Client Isolation:

Also on Connection > Basic set the Router IP: to be something different like

Under Firewall > Quota create a new rule for "All Individual Hosts without Explicit Quotas". Give them 100MB (50MB) of total full speed bandwidth to get started and check their email. And when they exceed that, have it drop it to 20KB download + 20KB upload bandwidth.

Under Firewall > Restrictions I would also establish time restrictions to allow access only during roughly your opening hours (with an extra hour before and after).

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