TP-Link WR841N v8

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TP-Link WR841N v8

Post by Amarok »

I want to install Gargoyle, but I do not know what to download for Router TL-WR841N v8. I will be grateful for the help.

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Re: TP-Link WR841N v8

Post by omeneghe »

I have a WR841ND v8 with openwrt attitude adjustment 12.09 rc1 installed, image tl-wr841n-v8, I don't know why the image is named '841n' for version 8 and '841nd' for previous version as 'nd' differ only for detachable antenna.
Someone can tell how to build the gargoyle image for v8? :?
Why there isn't a gargoyle image even if supported by openwrt? :?:

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Re: TP-Link WR841N v8

Post by chente »

I refresh this post.
Thank You If somebody answer this question:
which file for flashing v8 ?

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