How to flash Gargoyle on to Rosewill RNX-N150RT and revert.

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How to flash Gargoyle on to Rosewill RNX-N150RT and revert.

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Basically took the steps from ... f=5&t=3539 and applied it to the RNX-N150RT. Not sure if this is redundant, so feel free to remove this thread. Most of this is a copy/paste.

The RNX-N150RT is a rebranded TP-Link TL-WR741ND v1.

Note: I did a 30/30/30 reset after every flash or used the 'erase nvram' command. This may or may not be necessary, but I did it anyways and its recommended to do it. You can read more about the reset here: ... r_30/30/30

On with the flash:

1) Download and flash "factory-to-ddwrt.bin" from ... nx-n150rt/
(this will put ddwrt on the router). If you already have dd-wrt on the router, then you can skip this step.

2) Download and flash "tl-wr741nd_v1_v2-webrevert.bin" from ... 071#521071 (this will flash to stock TP-Link firmware) NOTE: bin is in rar file, and must be extracted (duh) and you need to be signed into ddwrt forums in order to see download links. When flashing choose "RESET TO DEFAULTS"!!!

3) Download and flash "gargoyle_1.5.8-ar71xx-generic-tl-wr741nd-v1-squashfs-factory.bin" from Rename the file to "factory-to-Gargoyle.bin" or similar before flashing. (This will put the latest version of Gargoyle-wrt on the router.)

-- Make sure you allow plenty of time for the router to recover between flashes. Other than that it should be pretty straight forward.

Hope that helps someone... BIG thanks from me to the Gargoyle team, OpenWrt and other contributors who make this possible!!!


Other things I ran into:

-For some reason, gargoyle is not able to reset to factory defaults. Once a password is put in and a reset to factory default is done through the menu, the password will still stay the same. The way to reset to factory defaults is:

1) Remove Power

2) Plug in ethernet cable and assign static ip address to it, such as and for the gateway.

3) Plug power back into it but quickly press the reset button as soon as possible. Don't hold the reset button, but rather press it in and out several times. If done right, you will see the 'sys' light blinking rapidly. This means that the router is now in 'failsafe' mode. You may have to to this a few times to get into the failsafe.

4) Once in failsafe, use the telnet command on the command line:
This should get you into a busybox prompt. Type in 'firstboot', and this should reset the router to factory defaults for gargoyle. To reboot, just power cycle or issue the command 'reboot -f'. More on this over here: ... e_recovery


-The last thing I did reverted from the gargoyle firmware all the way back to the rosewill firmware that was initially installed. The procedure I followed was like this (starting from Gargoyle flashed RNX-N150RT) :

Note: Don't forget to do a 30/30/30 reset (or a reset to defaults, depending on the firmware) after every flash.

1) Flash to Tplink official firmware > ...

2) Flash to DDwrt 'factory-to-bin' for TL-WR741ND (NOT the rosewill factory-to-bin, careful here) ... wr741ndv1/

3) Flash to Rosewill webvert (NOT the tplink webvert) ... 281#684281

4) Flash to Official Rosewill firmware. ...

Good luck, and careful with the files and resets. It was best to have a folder for files when doing the flashes as its easy to get confused. I haven't tested the router when flashed with Gargoyle, and if someone could do that and report back on the stability then that would be great.

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