Revert back to stock firmware

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Revert back to stock firmware

Post by lilspanyol »

Hello all,

I've had Gargoyle 1.5.0 installed for a couple of months on my 1043ND. I just wanted it to use VLANs. It appears that my wifi performance is not even half as good as on the stock firmware, at least for me.

I really just want to go back to stock, but I'm afraid I will break it. How can I? Does this still work: ... l_firmware ?

I would really just like to get some confirmation. If i connect it to my laptop via ethernet, and I flash that file, I'll be fine without any trouble?


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Re: Revert back to stock firmware

Post by ispyisail »

works for me

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Re: Revert back to stock firmware

Post by Edas »

Anyhow stock FW hangs pretty often, so I'm pretty sure you'll return back to any wrt firmware back.
About wifi performance, I also had some issue with older releases, check your syslog for wifi errors and try to search over openwrt forum. It's a matter of changing some value in wireless config file. That should solve your problem

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Re: Revert back to stock firmware

Post by dacman61 »

You can revert back with this method as far as I know... It worked for me.

1. From Windows, you'll need pscp.exe and putty.exe. Both can be downloaded here: ... nload.html

2. Download the appropriate firmware for your router. (Example: ... n=V1#tbl_j )

3. Copy pscp.exe, putty.exe, and the firmware all to one folder for simplicity.

4. Open up a command prompt, CD to the directory with those files previously listed, then type:
pscp -scp <firmware-filename.bin> root@

5. Enter the router's admin password when prompted. The file should then copy the firmware file to the /tmp directory on your router.

6. Run putty.exe, then enter in your router's IP and connect via SSH.

7. Type in: cd /tmp

8. Type in: mtd -r write <firmware-filename.bin> firmware

9. The router will load the new firmware and reboot... Good Luck!

This is how I went back to the stock firmware on my TP-Link TL-WR841N when I had OpenWRT.

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Re: Revert back to stock firmware

Post by Ysdadsdslo »

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