Fon2100 which gargoyle version?

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Fon2100 which gargoyle version?

Post by l0rdraiden »

Hi, I'm about to update the gargoyle but taking into account that it's a quite limited router I would like to know which version of gargoyle do you recommend.
Stable 1.4.7 or 1.2.5?
Right now I have 1.5.8 but probably is overloaded of features that I'm not going to use and will impact in the routers performance.

Any advice? what are the major differences btw 1.4.7 and 1.2.5?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Fon2100 which gargoyle version?

Post by ispyisail »

just try some and then post your results

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Re: Fon2100 which gargoyle version?

Post by cotarelo »

And how were the results?

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