Startup Scripts

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Startup Scripts

Post by ofbizbrazil »

Hi dudes,

I´d like to know how I can start a script schell automatically after a boot on my router?

I saw that in DD-WRT there´s a section where I can type it, but on Gargoyle I didn´t find it.

Let me know!!

Thanks a lot..

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Re: Startup Scripts

Post by airguy »

I am no expert, especially in Linux, but I just did this to enable WOL from the internet on my WNDR3700.

First you have to SSH into the router (I use putty).

cd to /etc/init.d

use Vi (text editor) to edit a file called "done". Add your commands into this file. I understand that commands in this file are executed at the end of the boot up. It worked great for me.

Here is a link for the Vi commands that was helpful:
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Re: Startup Scripts

Post by samtruman »

Hi, i nee to add a startup script to boot. to being more exact i need to execute a ping every 3 seconds to take up hspda connection.
My scrip is this

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while :
   ping -c 5 >/dev/null     # ping 5 packets
   sleep 2                                # wait 2 seconds

I add it to done script but when i reboot router sys led keep blinking and internet conenction isn't available from connected client.
So i decide to write down an entirely new script that i put in init.d:

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#!/bin/sh /etc/rc.common
# Copyright (C) 2006

start() {
        while :
        ping -c 5 >/dev/null # ping 5 packets
        sleep 3 # wait 3 seconds


Then i enable it with

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/etc/init.d/ping enable

But when i reboot the router sys led blink and no connection.
Where is the mess?

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Re: Startup Scripts

Post by pbix »

What happens when you run the scrip from the command line?
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