Quotas and multiple hosts per user

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Quotas and multiple hosts per user

Post by fidjit »

My boys each have a notebook and an Ipod

I want to be able to limit their download/upload usage to around 7GB each per month.

I'm a bit confused as to the limit rules in quota

I have NBs as and ipods as ( so .53 and .63 are the same lads equipment )

So in a quota rule if I have:

"Only the following hosts"
"Limit max upload/download" to 7GB
"per month"

Does this acutally means that they'll get 7GB per device or 7GB between the two hosts ?? I'm guessing it's the former.

If that's the case is it possible to share a bandwidth quote between two devices cumatively ???

It's a bit hard to break individual usage up per device as each boy uses them differently so an accumalative quota for the two devices would be ideal .

With thanks in advanced.

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Re: Quotas and multiple hosts per user

Post by 1an »

I had a similar issue.

I solved it this way (I think I saw the original idea here on this forum, but can't remember ... sorry not to give credit! I promise to edit if I can find original post)
* static address pool (I use for regular users
* smaller dhcp_address pool for occasional users/guests (I use ...240-...250)
* arrange static ip_addresses in groups of 10
-, where Y=family member number, Z=device number, both series starting from 0, eg = 1st device used by 1st family member = 3rd device used by 2nd family member
shared devices pool (eg family pc) allocated a "virtual family member" number at the end of the family number series
* now create static ip_addresses for each known MAC_address using this scheme, and disallow alternate static addresses (see tick box at top of static ip section of dhcp tab)
* create a single quota for each range of 10 static ip_addresses (whether or not they are all allocated) Setting ranges this way means that the quota is for the whole range, not per device.
* set a smaller/shorter quota for the whole dhcp/guest range (I use Mb/day) to discourage MAC address spoofing freeloaders!

This schema allows for 10+ household members/groups, each with unique ip_addresses allocated to up to 10 devices (I hope not to see more than 10 devices per child!). It also allows for fair (or weighted!) allocation of the transfer limit allocated by your isp (eg Gb per month). It allows for future expansion, and makes it easy to know the ip_range for any given user.
Note that this limits accumulated download/upload/combined totals over the selected time period. QOS offers the fair allocation (or otherwise!) of available instantaneous speed, and is managed separately.

Hope this helps

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Re: Quotas and multiple hosts per user

Post by fidjit »

Ahh, so a range is shared, individual IPs aren't.

Wasn't sure if a range would give you individual IPs in the range all having the full quota each. Should have tried it and looked at Quote usage in Status.

Makes sense.

Thanks, just requires a little rejigging of my IP schema and hopefully I'm right to go.

So from one Ian in Australia to another Ian in Australia, thanks for assistance. :lol:


( oh and yes it's scarey how many wifi enable devices live in the house )

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