No need for Gargoyle but still recommend

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No need for Gargoyle but still recommend

Post by fidjit »

Just an interesting "factoid". I wrote this article ... ni-review/ in 2011, 9 years ago and I'm still getting comments on it :)

While I don't have to worry about the kids any more (the youngest is the only one living with us and he's paying for the internet connection :lol: ), great to see that Gargoyle is still filling a need for users. Still recommend to friends who have kids and need to quote/monitor even after all these years. ;)

Keep up the good work.

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Re: No need for Gargoyle but still recommend

Post by Lantis »

Thanks for checking in. :)
I've read that article a number of times over the years, i expect most of those before i took my own plunge into Gargoyle.
Australia has historically had low speeds, low data limits and high charges, so something like Gargoyle has been a blessing for many people.

I'm sure your article has sent many people our way! for the latest releases
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