Monitoring my WAN connection

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Monitoring my WAN connection

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Hi all,
My NBN has been up and down like a yoyo, at its worst many times a day. I would like to look in the log file and see how many times it has gone down and for how long. I can't seem to find it.
How would I be able to do this?
I have installed logread plugin which seems to show a short log and I rarely find the wan going down in it. I realise this is probably due to limited space, is it possible for the router to log to network location?
Is it possible to configure what is logged, because Tor seems to fill up my System Logs window.
P.S Possible bug I have noticed WAN (PPPoE) Uptime continues to show the time it was up even though it is down.

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Re: Monitoring my WAN connection

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Log easy way:

Plug a pendrive


Code: Select all


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/sbin/logread -f -F /<PathToPendrive>/router.log -S <LogSizeYouNeed) &

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