Controlling Internet access

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Controlling Internet access

Post by Phoenix »

I have a smart-ass kid at home who thinks he can change his IP and spoof MAC address to have Internet access in the hours that are off limits for him.

Its easy to detect and keep banning new IPs and MACs popping in the system. However, is there anything or any setting that I can do so DHCP is enforced in such manner that manually entering a different IP address won't work?

I have already assigned all devices static ip addresses from DHCP tab and enabled "DHCP Enforcement" too but I don't think that is working.

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Re: Controlling Internet access

Post by Lantis »

If he has figured out how to throw a different IP and MAC at you, then your options are limited.
1. Apply a very large (never reachable) quota against all legitimate devices, then use the "all hosts without explicit quotas" option and set this to very small. This will cutoff all new devices almost instantly,but it becomes matter of time before he figures out the IP and MAC of a legitimate devices and just poses as that.
2. Remove access medium. Have wifi scheduled to turn on and off. There's a plugin for this but it isn't very flexible. You could put him only on a separate network and turn that on and off.
3. Don't take this the wrong way but parent your child. Technology is only half the solution here. for the latest releases
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Re: Controlling Internet access

Post by ispyisail »

I've seen a solution (Not Gargoyle) where only the physical MAC address worked.

No idea how they did this.

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Re: Controlling Internet access

Post by CBx86 »

Children are no longer made as used to be... :lol:

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Re: Controlling Internet access

Post by fifonik »

MAC white list might help a bit.

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