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Plugin Memory

Post by egenuino »

Hello people
I have a tplink tl-wr841n / nd v11, and plugin_root reports 448,000 kBytes, 208,000 kBytes free, but all plugins report insufficient disk space except the 98,895 kBytes USB Printer Support plugin, very small plugins are unavailable.
Is there a way around the problem, or is it a bug of the same version?
I have 3 more tplink that I can not find the newer versions, including this, were discontinued?
Sorry for the bad english, machine translation.

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Re: Plugin Memory

Post by Lantis »

Due to the low flash space on your device, the installation of plugins is intentionally blocked.

In addition, it is no longer possible to compile a firmware for them that is the correct size, so they are no longer supported.


You may be able to custom compile your own version with the plugin you want pre-installed, but we cannot provide support for this if it does not work due to small space.
If you want to try this, and need help building firmware, you can find guides in the forum or on the wiki/github. We can help with that. for the latest releases
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