Using Gargoyle like Linksys Bridge Mode

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Using Gargoyle like Linksys Bridge Mode

Post by griftopia »

So I've been using my WD N750 with Gargoyle as an "Access Point". By that I mean I am using it Bridge Wifi from my FIOS Router (which has Wifi of course), so I can have network connection for a desktop PC. I simply connect my WD N750 using Ethernet cable to my PC Network Card. Working great for some time now. But now I want to do something different.

I'm getting rid of the desktop and have a laptop now with WIFI so I don't need the N750 any more. However, I saw for documentation on for Linksys EAXXXX routers, they support "Bridge" mode. This enables using second router for Wifi inside the house. One does this because the FIOS Router Wifi is no good, so you turn it off.

So I'm getting confused with terminology. Right now I have my N750 working as an "Access Point". Only in Gargoyle configuration I've selected "Wireless Bridge/Repeater" and then have "Repeater Disabled". Let's forget terminology. What I want is to turn my Wifi in my FIOS Router, connect it to Internet Port of my N750 and then use superior Wifi from my WDC inside the house. This is because my FIOS Router is Wireless G, but my N750 is Wireless N.

Hope I did good job of explaining what I want to do. If someone can tell me Gargoyle will support it and if I need to upgrade firmware to latest version for that? Or what other options I have?
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Re: Using Gargoyle like Linksys Bridge Mode

Post by Lantis »

There’s a few ways to do this, so you might need to clarify your use case a little:
1. If you require no special features from Gargoyle and just want it as a wifi AP, you can connect it via LAN<->LAN and set Connect Via to disabled, and set up the wireless. Gargoyle is now just a wireless extension of your existing network.
2. If you want bandwidth monitoring, quotas etc, set Gargoyle to gateway mode (DHCP wired) with a LAN<->WAN connection. This will create a second network subnet and introduce double NAT which may or may not be important to you.
3. If your modem supports full bridge mode and you have a PPPoE connection, you could use that to do the same as 2 but without double NAT for the latest releases
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