Good non wifi router?

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Good non wifi router?

Post by nightanole »

So i have been using gargoyle on and off on several devices for years (still using the good old buffalo wzr-300h preN) but never for my main router.

With the intro of LEDE, and rumors of gargoyle switching from the semi stagnant openwrt base to lede by maybe the end of the year, i kinda want to get a good router for gargoyle.

I have an 8 buck wndr4300 that i use as a lede cake box, and from what i have been reading, its only 10% slower cpu vs say a modern archer c7v2.

So my choices are (for 100mbs/10mbs)
wndr4300, i believe this is good for 200mbs qos
ubiquity edge router x (dual core 880mhz MediaTek MT7621AT that is 3x more powerful) for 50 bucks, and hope the lede based gargoyle comes soon
linksys wrt1900acs (dual core 1600mhz) reconditioned for $50-75

As far as i know, the wrt1900acs is the fastest gargoyle box, and the only dual core gargoyle box.

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Re: Good non wifi router?

Post by agrohe21 »

I use the archer c7v2 and just turn off the wireless. from archer I have a switch where everything else hangs off
TPLink Archer C7v2
Linksys WRT32x

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