Monitoring bandwidth per user. (Because metered internet.)

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Monitoring bandwidth per user. (Because metered internet.)

Post by greenlaser »

I was on the #lede-dev IRC chat channel when a friendly Mr. "Tapper" came and suggested Gargoyle.

I'm the OP on https://forum.lede-project <dot> org/t/monitoring-bandwidth-used-per-user-because-metered-internet/2167. Please read the OP and the replies. Tapper suggested that Gargoyle would do everything I want.

Can anyone confirm whether Tapper is right to suggest Gargoyle for my needs? I think Tapper said that Gargoyle will meet my needs out of the box. No need to mess with scripts or installation of packages. I'm a newbie, and he really thought Gargoyle would be better than using Lede.

If I could get your unbiased thoughts, I'd appreciate it.

Should I switch to Gargoyle? Or should I install packages suggested by people on my Lede forum thread? (I've just flashed Lede onto my router this morning.)

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Re: Monitoring bandwidth per user. (Because metered internet.)

Post by Lantis »

You won't get separate user logins

If you can audit the devices and find out who owns what (it seems like you already know?) then you can definitely tag the data to each device.

The only easy way (without giving full admin access) for people to see their own usage is to apply Quotas to their data.
If you don't want to *limit* their data per se, then just apply a very large quota and they will still be able to see how much they have used (just the % used will be useless).

Using quotas you can definitely stop groups/individual users

Moving from LEDE to gargoyle you will need to use the command line to "force" (-f) the sysupgrade due to some changes in the image files in LEDE. for the latest releases
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