wildcard lets encrypt SSL support

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wildcard lets encrypt SSL support

Post by stuartbh »

Gargoyle users/developers:

Is there a manner by which Gargoyle could support Let's Encrypt wildcard SSL certificate management with ACMEv2, certbot, etc...?

In my case, Google is my registrar and my DNS provider.

I have a Proxmox and several other servers on my LAN I'd like to use Let's Encrypt wildcard SSL certificates for.
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Re: wildcard lets encrypt SSL support

Post by Lantis »

I don't know enough about it sorry.
I know there is an OpenWrt package that should cover your requirements.
https://github.com/openwrt/packages/tre ... 2/net/acme

If you compiled that into Gargoyle and configured it and made it work, the only thing missing would be a Gargoyle GUI component.
However I would personally struggle to build one as I don't really understand the options.
http://lantisproject.com/downloads/gargoyle_ispyisail.php for the latest releases
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