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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by tvbaas »

Thank you, 1.9.1 seems to work fine on a wr1043nd V1. DDNS is working and speeds are top on a 100Mb/100Mb link. Image
Routers: TL-WR1043ND V1
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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by calculoso »

Nice graph! What application is producing it?

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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by chojny65 »

on my C7 V2 (2015 production year) all for now it works OK.

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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by Vortex63 »

Running on WRT160nl without problems. Great Job!!!
Linksys WRT160NL
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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by danymarc »

Routers like 842 V2 701 V2 are in show/tell/contribute but not in download area

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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by Volaris »

Browsing feels a lot snappier on my router with 1.9.1. It's like the pages load instantly.
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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by n8b »

Flashed and working on:
TL-WDR3600 with Huawei E3372 HiLink modem.
TL-WDR4300 on fixed line.

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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by martinlmtl »

Installed Firmware 1.9.1 on a Tp-Link WR841N V11. The only problem is power light which is not working.

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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by mates »

installed 1.9.1. on WNDR 3700v2
seems working ok

When I create backup than under file wireless there is non crypted wireless key. It is possible to crypt it?

Under host file I got 2 record for my LAN gargoyle is default, but i usually change name of router to routr. Gargoyle routr

speed is ok 95/95 from 100/100

thank you

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Re: Version 1.9.1

Post by ZimogoretS »

Model:TP-Link TL-MR3220 v2 - work fine!
At first glance, there are some flaws...
Required Disk Space fo Plugin show in MBytes instead KBytes

UTC time is displayed uncorrectly (for some countries)...
Russia must be UTC + 3 (if you take the time in Moscow, as the capital).

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