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Re: Version 1.6.2

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w0095157 wrote:Hey needed to say excited for another build had high hopes but back to DD-WRT i go. Personally need the wireless bridge / repeater function, I like the way gargoyle is setup but seems like major issue with 1.6.2 , 1.6.1, 1.6.0, multiple freezes on TL - WDR3600 to the point where unable to access router after about 5mins max , either via GUI or CLI. Also when using the Repeater function seems DHCP stops after a very short time, the router stops responding, and cant ping any devices. This has happened on both the wdr3600 and dlink dir615c1.
This is going to sound really weird, but I've had two problems with repeaters as well. Bear with me.

Problem #1
I run my network in a hub and spoke fashion. One WD1043 as the hub with MACID filtering turned on. All spokes are WD841s of various versions. One spoke is also a repeater. As of 1.5.9 (1.5.8 didn't seem to be affected), the MACID of the spoke that is also a repeater changed. No repeater, the MACID on the bottom of the unit was correct. Repeater enabled, MACID different from what's written on the bottom. Couldn't figure out why. Still don't know why. Took me until 1.6.2 to realize it. Changed the MACID in the filter list on the WD1043 hub, and voila, everything back to normal.

Problem #2
I was setting up a similar network for a friend of mine. Could not get the network to stay up. It would run fine for a few minutes, then it would shut down. This went on for HOURS. Finally tracked it down to numeric digits in the SSID. For some reason, if there are numeric digits in the SSID (his had an 01), the network would go tits up. Removed the 01 from the SSID, and the network ran rock solid. Don't know why.



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Re: Version 1.6.2

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Ok, did the upgrade, preserve setting on TP-Link 4300 v1. All went very smoothly. I note that 5GHz band seems better. So far as they say, so good. Will post if any problems occur in the next few days.

Looking forward to BB when it arrives in Nov!
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Re: Version 1.6.2

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Hi All,
My version works fine for mz TP WDR4300, thanks for the update.
Except that I lost display info for QoS download and upload.
QoS settings is the most important for me for Gargoyle soft, to manage WAN interface.
Does any one has similar problem? or how to solve it?

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Re: Version 1.6.2

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not sure if this is an issue for tl wdr3600 as i didnt check 1.6.0 or 1.6.1 but dmesg states on 1.6.2 for wdr3600 board id of the tl wdr4300 i know they are essentially the same except for a few differences just wanted to point it out.

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Re: Version 1.6.2

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after few days on 1.6.2. on WNDR 3700v2 I must say that I have only one problem

I have attached USB drive with some fairy tales (50-100MB per file small avi file, max 50 files per folder) and I have tv LG 42LM670S connected via LAN.

When i am accesing to DLNA server than every folder is refreshed after 30s - 1 minute.

On 1.6.1. is worked OK (accesed within seconds)

any idea how to correct this?

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Re: Version 1.6.2

Post by vladtheodor » not accesible.
other router links/buttons working fine.

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Re: Version 1.6.2

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alfy81 wrote:Hi Eric,
Can i install this image on my TP-LINK MR-3220 v2 ?
In the list of image there's only the image for v1.

I wait your responce, thanks.

Images are not in list, but you can download them at links (change v1 to v2): ... actory.bin ... pgrade.bin

The same thing with my TP-LINK MR-3420 v2. It works ok.

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Re: Version 1.6.2

Post by gumball3000 »

Is it possible to add guest SSID in the next version of gargoyle?

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Re: Version 1.6.2

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gumball3000 wrote:Is it possible to add guest SSID in the next version of gargoyle?
Would be a dream come true......

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Re: Version 1.6.2

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Does gargoyle 1.6.2 AA support hardware nat?
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