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Re: Version 1.6.0

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Re: Version 1.6.0

Post by n0pin »

I would like to report a problem. Today I found out that some hostnames on same LAN resolves to wrong IPs. I flushed DNS cache but that didn't help.

I used nslookup and saw that hostnames resolves to old static IPs. I deleted all static IPs in web interface last week, so devices get dynamic IPs from DHCP since then.

I started investigating and I saw that static IP entries in /etc/hosts didn't get removed. After I removed them manually I finally got right responses from router.

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Re: Version 1.6.0

Post by confiesta »

Hi, Great job!

I have problems with dlna on my TL-WRT3600....
First i had to install the dlna plugin to sda1 because of insufficient space...
then when try to check status via DLNA status button of GUI, I got the message Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at

of course, no device in the house can see the DLNA server.
Then I login with ssh and checked with command:
minidlnad service status
I got back that :
root@Gargoyle:~# minidlnad service status
minidlnad: can't load library ''

can you help me make it work?
This was the same in R1.5.11

Thanks again!

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Re: Version 1.6.0

Post by grayzone »

Ran into a strange problem with port forwarding.

I upgraded from the last version 1.5.? to the 1.6.0 and used preserve settings. It seemed to work fine. Also just before the update I created a backup of the settings.

After the upgrade everything seemed fine until I tried to add a entry into the port forwarding section of the firewall. I had eight entries and when I added the ninth and clicked on save, I now had 4 left and the new one was not added. So tried again and it went to 2 left. Tried again and this time it took so I had three.

So next I reloaded the backup and had the same results.

Then I manually added the missing six port forwards and saved, it keep all nine.

Seems to be repeatable, anyone else see this?

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Re: Version 1.6.0

Post by pmerrill »

How's the 5GHz range for ar71xx routers. My TP-Link 4300 was pretty good under R 1.5.11 but R 1.6.0 the 5GHz range is very poor. Anyone else experiencing the same problem?
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Re: Version 1.6.0

Post by EvertonSSJ4 »

After I installed this update, whenever the network drops power or rebooting the router (I own a TP-Link TL-WR941N/ND v2) when the internet and the router connects back (he is in PPPoE) it does not distribute the signal to the computer (either wired or wireless), can leave the router switched on for hours and yet the situation does not change (it is connected but no internet passes for computers) it just goes back to normal when I go on connection - DHC and click on Save after that the router distributes internet without problems, does anyone know how to solve?
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Re: Version 1.6.0

Post by LHoust »

Today on my TL-WR841ND Ver 7.2 Version 1.6.0 I added an DHCP Entry and successfully saved a Backup. Added a Second DHCP and went re-save a Backup, which NEVER Completed! Now ever time I attempt to re-save a Backup, the Operation NEVER Completes... The TP-WR841ND's LEDs All Flash ON, followed shortly thereafter by all except for the Power LED flashing OFF. Visually it appears as if the operation has caused the Router to Reboot!!! If "Relevant": I now have 75 DHCP Entries???

Additionally I have seen the Power Line Unit connected to one of the Router's Switched LAN Ports "Wink" OUT when NOT saving a Backup...

Do People think this might be a Version 1.6.0 Firmware Issue or simply my TL-WR841ND is "Defective"?

I am back to running Version 1.4.7 on my TP-WR741ND Ver 2.4 (Wired ONLY PPPoE Internet Router)...

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Re: Version 1.6.0

Post by bplotkin »

Just curious, which version of openSSL is on this?
is there vulnerability to the heartbleed bug? ... _truncated
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Re: Version 1.6.0

Post by jki »

1.6.0 is with "OpenSSL 1.0.1e 11 Feb 2013". See also ... f=5&t=5526, i.e. an update can be expected soon.

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Re: Version 1.6.0

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