New Sub-Forums, New Moderators

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New Sub-Forums, New Moderators

Post by Eric »

Due to the dramatic increase in forum posts recently, I've expanded the number of sub-forums, and the number of forum moderators. Please welcome your new moderators, DoesItMatter and hnl_dk

The troubleshooting forum has been split into separate sections for network/wireless issues, monitoring/quotas/qos issues and then another catch-all forum for all other issues. The development forum has also been split, and in addition to the current forum for general technical discussion there is now a separate section for feature requests and another "Show / Tell / Contribute" forum for anyone who has implemented something and wants to share. Finally, in addition to the "General Discussion" forum there is now a separate forum for off topic discussion, in case anyone wants to discuss anything non-gargoyle related.

My hope is that this new layout will keep things more organized, and let users more easily find what they're looking for.

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Re: New Sub-Forums, New Moderators

Post by yc3948 »

very good idea! support!!! :mrgreen:
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Re: New Sub-Forums, New Moderators

Post by ofbizbrazil »

I loved!!! Many thanks....

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Re: New Sub-Forums, New Moderators

Post by tapper »

Just one thing #banthespam lol pleas don't put capshers on the site to block spam as i am blind and wont be able to use the forums if you go doun that road.
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