Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

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Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by Eric »

This is the release you've been waiting for: This is the first stable release that includes support for wireless N, bandwidth quotas with throttling and USB storage devices.

One caveat: While quite stable, the latest versions of OpenWrt/Gargoyle take up more memory than some of the older versions. Some users have reported memory related problems with the latest releases on routers with only 16MB of memory. Users with older routers with only 16MB of memory such as the WRT54GL may find that the older 1.2 branch continues to work more smoothly.

New in 1.4.0:
  • Add higher frequency 5GHz channels valid for 40MHz channel width
  • Fixes bug when setting channel width for single band routers
  • Fixes bug preventing passwords > 35 characters from working
  • Fixes access restriction bug causing rules that apply to multiple hosts from being applied to all hosts
  • Gargoyle package repository is added to opkg.conf by default
  • Add theme manager that can be used to pick theme if more than one theme is installed (by default only one theme is installed and this is not active) Thanks go to Cezary for contributing this feature.
  • Now based on newer revision of OpenWrt Backfire above 10.3.1-rc5. This should fix issues with some wireless drivers and WRT160NL support.

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Re: Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by wilsonhlacerda »

Have anyone tried FON 2100/2200 (8MB Flash/16MB RAM) with v1.4.0?
If so, what are your impressions?
On Gargoyle Status page how is the typical memory usage?

I have one Fon runing on my parent's home and I plan to update it later this week when I travel there. Just as a comparison I've remotely checked it and its runing now v1.2.5 and memory usage is 11.3MB / 13.4MB total (85% usage). Runs fine for their basic home usage (QoS is on), but I plan to update to v1.4.0 if Fon has a good support for it.

Anyway, thanks Eric and all developers/testers for one more Gargoyle release! :D

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Re: Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by ceew »


anyone tested it, going to try monday but I have an experimental build working now and I'm a bit scared....


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Re: Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by Trailblazer »

Successfully installed on Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH and Ubiquiti RSPro.

Oddly enough the RSPro seems to really be shining with this build. A couple of builds ago it wouldn't do client stuff at all. I wasn't expecting that, maybe it needed that wireless driver update in RC5+.

Only problem I see with the Buffalo is the Bandwidth Usage window is not working (actually it's the Plot1, Total Bandwidth piece that's not working). That's working great on the RSPro. Same browser, different tab (Opera 11.00 has been working the best for me-really consistent).

So what's the deal with the Themes? Where doth I download such a thing?

Thanks for another great build, Eric. Really love this firmware. Running a Campground in Moab, Utah on Gargoyle running on the Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH with QOS download and upload turned on and users forced to use OpenDNS servers with the exception of a few privileged users. It's been working really nicely for my multi-user environment. Thanks again for all your hard work! :mrgreen:
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Re: Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by jul »

Thanks for all your hard work ;) , but the new version 1.4.0 still not work with WZR-HP-G301NH( version of WZR-HP-G300NH in Japan or Indochina) :cry:

Could you help me for this : viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1323&p=7244

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Re: Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by arteq »

There are a WOL implementation partialy by my contribution ;)

Eric thanks for great release, and patience in management this project!
Best Regards, Artur - Polish Center of OpenWrt - Electronic Parts

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Re: Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by rt_rex »

First of all congratulations for this amazing firmware,it managed to give live to my F*neras (i only found this firmware about a week ago)
With the bridge feature it manage to save me hardware by replacing two access points for one running Gargoyle. ;)

I have a 32 mbit cable @ home and using the bridge without repeater I manage 22mbits on a F*nera 2100A.
For a very long time i dont see a f*nera running so well.

wilsonhlacerda wrote::?:
Have anyone tried FON 2100/2200 (8MB Flash/16MB RAM) with v1.4.0?
If so, what are your impressions?
On Gargoyle Status page how is the typical memory usage?

Gargoyle Version:1.4.0
Device Configuration:Wireless Bridge/Repeater
Memory Usage:12.1MB / 13.2MB (91.7%) (doing a download @ a 20mbit) QOS disable

Gargoyle Version:1.4.0
Device Configuration:Wireless Bridge/Repeater
Memory Usage:11.6MB / 13.2MB (88.1%)
CPU Load Averages:0.68 / 0.42 / 0.22 (1/5/15 minutes) QOS enable

A bit odd but it uses less memory with QOS enable .

I was having an issue as some user reporte if the ethernet was not connected or no activity the internal bridge would "break".meaning it would not get ip from my DHCP server.
I will check with this version :!:

I noticed there is an option for a schedule reboot,But i believe there is better option:
I recommend create watch dog every 5,15 30 or 60 min do a ping check allow 5 timeout an then reboot ,this is very useful on bridge devices if they lock or something.
For bridge devices is also very useful the distance feature in meters because "us" is not very user friendly.
This are just ideas i can give from my experience.

There is always a but,adding features will eat CPU and memory ,the low mem devices will struggle to run it.

Please Eric keep your firmware as simple as possible because that is a big advantage,anyone can use it without having to enable or disable lots of features just to have it working as they want. :geek:
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Re: Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by Hollud »

I would like to chime in and mention that Gargoyle is a refreshing breath of fresh air! I've been using other alternatives for my DIR-825 and Gargoyle seems to be my favourite, given its simple and clean nature. The others may have had tons of functionality, but I had little use for them.

With the release of 1.4.0, my initial impressions are good, as compared to the previous 1.3.16. The higher 5GHz frequencies are very much welcome, and its nice to see that the maximum TX power is boosted, as it should be. I'm getting pretty good wireless throughput, although I have to see how it copes with additional devices.

All-in-all, a job well done! Keep up the good work! =)

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Re: Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by mix »

Running 1.4.0 as a wireless client without UPnP enabled. I have between ~900 and 1400KB of free memory available (which changes up and down periodically). To flash the firmware I use:

cd /tmp
wget ... uashfs.trx
md5sum gargoyle_1.4.0-brcm47xx-squashfs.trx
[and then of course make sure the md5sum matches]
mtd -r write gargoyle_1.4.0-brcm47xx-squashfs.trx linux

I don't know if the web interface works or not for flashing with the WRT54GL anymore. Everytime I have tried in the past it has failed, it may be because of a low/running out of memory issue. If so, I don't see why gargoyle can't simply use a script that uses commands similar to the above method to flash the firmware on these devices.
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Re: Version 1.4.0 -- New Stable Branch

Post by damkov »

Flashed WR1043ND from 1.3.16 to 1.4.0 (gargoyle_1.4.0-ar71xx-tl-wr1043nd-v1-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin) - router doesn't wake up's bricked actually :(

I tried 30-30-30 reset and pushing QQS button when switched on - nothing helps. Only PWR and specific LAN port led is on (port connected to computer). Router cannot be pinged at all... Any help is appreciated.


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