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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by chico »

I got some more bugs and fixed them.
==> Load (kbps) in qos upload page (file gargoyle_header_footer.c)
==> L7proto in Connection List (file conntrack.js)
Please take a look at this post:
DLink DIR-320 1.3.X (custom latest brcm47xx)

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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by fi5ban »

Eric everything seems great the only issue I have is that when I do a large download from my qnap I lose all wifi connection to AP router!! if do a scan you can see it just not connect. but you can hardwire to AP and get to internet

I can hard wire in to both and AP s config

my setup is(QNAP has a download manager)

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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by ruriruri »

On WZR-HP-G300NH. Anyone experiencing DDNS not auto update when ip changes and force update does not work? I can resolve the issue by reconfig DDNS or reboot the router.

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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by hellbound1988 »

ruriruri wrote:On WZR-HP-G300NH. Anyone experiencing DDNS not auto update when ip changes and force update does not work? I can resolve the issue by reconfig DDNS or reboot the router.

which provider ? Mine works fine for dyndns but opendns wont work :(

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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by DoesItMatter »


There is definitely something wrong with 1.3.14 and
putting it on a TP-Link TL-WR741ND - V1.9 router

From the OpenWRT wiki page, they have a little diff hardware than
the other V1 routers.

When I tried to recover via Serial console using the Gargoyle
1.3.14 - 741ND Factory.bin file - the router reported an error
in the gzip file, but using the RC4 Backfire 741ND v1 file, I had
no issues recovering the router via serial.
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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by hipitihop »

Can't get WAN connection on WRT54GL v1.1

I finally bit the bullet and tried 1.3.14 last night. Upgraded from 1.3.7 using web interface and gargoyle_1.3.14-brcm47xx-squashfs.trx

Although I still had same upgrade symptoms (first reported in Feb when I tried to first upgrade to 1.3.10) where router does not reboot on its own etc, nonetheless it certainly runs 1.3.14 and it is not slow or runs out of memory. Despite various reconfigurations, I did not experience any random reboots, so all this is promising.

Unfortunately something odd with WAN. Doesn't connect and just before I gave up, router had even managed to give itself an external IP from the local subnet range. i.e. router is normally set to and WAN was allocated which I could ping etc.
I can't confirm at this point if I managed to get proper WAN after the initial clean boot after upgrade but before I started to reconfigure for my subnet and other configurations. I will have to start from scratch and keep track of my steps, but I do remember the following:
- reconfigured subnet to 192.168.0.x
- replaced hosts & ethers via scp from 1.3.7 backup
- enabled wireless (but even after disabling wireless WAN did not work)

I'll report back here when I have a chance to retry the process and keep more detail of my steps. I have re-flashed back to 1.3.7 and backup config in the meantime.

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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by hipitihop »

"Can't get WAN connection on WRT54GL v1.1" - (update)

Had a little time to try again from working 1.3.7 and WAN works after initial upgrade, but I also encountered blank config and changes not sticking (different behaviour from last upgrade try) so went back, but these are detailed steps etc this try:

- web interface upgraded from 1.3.7 to 1.3.14
- this time upgrade completed and rebooted correctly.
- assign static ip and webif was accesible
- ping fails "unknown host"
- first time login via webif, prompted to change password and set utc+10
- when save changes displays Device configuration with no defaults i.e.
- no gateway or bridge was selected
- no local network settings i.e. no router IP
- wireless selected as AP
- ping again, no luck, looks like dns but ping known external ip works so WAN is working
- change config
- to gateway
- WAN DHCP(wired)
- local network to
- disable wireless
(save changes)
- complains about error in custom MAC & MTU (blank)
- toggle check boxes, and values are filled in
(save changes) no complaints but
- local subnet change did not take.
- but dns seemed to take effect
- config settings screen still shows blank
upgrade back to 1.3.7 via webif
- upgrade complete but no automatic reboot, power cycled

Why the behaviour changes between tries, despite starting from the same point is a little baffling too

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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by behappy »

W. wrt54g you have a lot of options; ddwrt, tomato or openwrt. Tomato is my favorite; simple user-friendly gui setup and full feature.

Gargoyle is slightly diiferent from other builds w. the initial setup. Normally the router will take yr WAN dns and gateway and make a router table at first before any setup as a static router. Try adding this section in yr network config file

config 'route'
option 'interface' 'wan'
option 'target' '192.x.0.0' <--- yr ip sector /16 or /24
option 'netmask' '255.255.255.x' <--- yr netmask
option 'gateway' '' <-- default must be

config 'route'
option 'interface' 'wan'
option 'target' '' <--- default
option 'netmask' '' <--- default
option 'gateway' '192.x.0.1' <--- yr wan ip

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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by pbix »

I am using WRT54GL v1.1 and Gargoyle v1.3.14 without problems.

Are you trying to restore your settings from backup after loading Gargoyle? On your router there was a major change between 1.3.7 and now so backups made on v1.3.7 will cause trouble on v1.3.14.
Please manually enter all settings and you should have no trouble.

In the future you can use backup/restore again.
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Re: Version 1.3.14

Post by victor »

Hello. First time on Gargoyle forum :)
I was using Gargoyle for some time... I'm using inbound QOS and webhistory enabled.. so no exotic configuration... i'm on cable internet and my IP is on dhcp. What i've noticed is that when i was downloading some X torrent file CPU on router became so overloaded that router started to restart itself and also web interface became unresponsive. I didnt find no solution for that..actually yes.. to remove Gargoyle. I would like continue using it again... is there any solution for this torrent problem?

Thank you.

PS router is linksys wrt54gl

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