Revision 98f1300f 22 Dec 2011.7z

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Revision 98f1300f 22 Dec 2011.7z

Post by ispyisail »

OpenWrt Backfire version to 10.03.1 final


Revision 98f1300f 22 Dec 2011.7z

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Re: Revision 98f1300f 22 Dec 2011.7z

Post by bcmalloy »

Tested on my netgear wndr3700v2, everything is running
fast and perfectly as far as I can tell will report back with any problems. this is one hell of a high quality test build.

uploaded sysupgrade through gargoyle web interface
re entered all settings to ensure no "contamination"

web interface setup, time zones ntp servers all ok
quota ok
upnp ok
ppoe ok
dhcp range and static ips ok
qos up/down ok
all graphs appear ok
port fowarding ok

5ghz and 2.4ghz (I run 5ghz) getting full dual channel 300Mbps on both
bands with wpa 2 all ok

Nice work by the dev team I think gargoyle must be the highest quality release out there right now, certainly the most well thought out.

I like the new option to choose google dns servers, aways handy when your isp dns goes flakey.

The weekly reboot feature is a work of genious a fuction every router should have to maximisethe likelyhood of stability.

Merry Xmas

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