Experimental build of Gargoyle 1.13.0.x for ipq40xx architecture routers

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Experimental build of Gargoyle 1.13.0.x for ipq40xx architecture routers

Post by pythonic »

Download archive: gargoyle-1.13.0.x-ipq40xx-experimental-20210125.7z

This archive contains the images and packages generated from an experimental ipq40xx target configuration for Gargoyle 1.13.0.x.

The source was from Gargoyle's git repository master branch at commit d3a4a81c. In order to pick up recent OpenWrt security fixes to dnsmasq, I updated build.sh (modified version included) to use OpenWrt 19.07 branch commit 11f4918e which also incorporates regression fixes for the dnsmasq security fixes and rolls in the changes in patches 601 & 602 in the patches-generic subdirectory (so these patches need to be deleted before attempting to build).

Firmware images are provided for the following routers:
  • 8devices Jalapeno (*)
  • Asus RT-AC58U A1 (*)
  • Fritz!Box 4040 (*)
  • Fritz!Box 7530 (*)
  • Linksys EA6350v3
  • Linksys EA8300
  • GL.iNet GL-B1300 (*)
  • Netgear EX6100v2
  • Netgear EC6150v2
  • Zyxel NBG6617
(*) not flashable from factory user interface - see Installation section below.

At time of writing the only images I have tested are:
  • GL.iNet GL-B1300 sysupgrade (upgraded from earlier 1.12.0 build)
  • EA6350v3 factory (installed via the OEM firmware upgrade function)
My testing has not been particularly comprehensive as my requirements are modest. In particular I haven't exercised the WiFi interfaces as I have no use for them most of the time.

With this configuration I have endeavoured to match the functionality configured for the Gargoyle mvebu target, which is the target with the most similarity to the ipq40xx target in terms of hardware capability (e.g. CPU speed, available RAM and flash etc).

The archive includes the following subdirectories:
  • built/ [contains all the packages built by the configuration]
  • images/ [all firmware images generated]
  • targets/ [configuration files for the ipq806x target]
The contents of the above subdirectories reflect the structure as built by Gargoyle's build script for the ipq40xx default target.

All packages identified in the mvebu configuration with the configuration option "m" (i.e. "module", aka optional rather than included in the firmware image) have been included; the Gargoyle adblock and logread plugins have been included in the firmware images to suit my personal requirements (they are optional packages for standard Gargoyle releases). As there is no current package repository available for the ipq40xx target, my understanding is that desired optional packages will have to be installed by copying to the target router (e.g. by scp or WinSCP) and manually installing with the gpkg command from an SSH session.

Known or suspected issues
  • the Asus RT-AC58U only has 128MB of RAM; OpenWrt 19.07 builds images for this device with a version of the WiFi drivers which use small buffers (compared to the standard drivers) which appears to have mostly resolved the RAM starvation problems encountered with OpenWrt 18.06, however users should be alert for signs of RAM starvation (e.g. random reboots) while running this experimental Gargoyle build on these devices.


Of the supported devices only the Linksys, Netgear and Zyxel devices are believed capable of directly installing Gargoyle from the factory web interface by flashing a Gargoyle factory image. Installing OpenWrt first should still be considered before installing Gargoyle via OpenWrt's firmware update function with the Gargoyle "sysupgrade" image - in the event of initial installation issues you're more likely to be able to get assistance from the much larger OpenWrt community.

NB: While a factory image is built for the 8devices Jalapeno and included in this archive, I haven't found any description of how to use it to initially install OpenWrt (or Gargoyle) - so I recommend installing OpenWrt using it's documented installation procedure before installing the Gargoyle "sysupgrade" image.

The other supported devices have specific installation procedures which are documented in the respective OpenWrt device hardware page. For these devices install OpenWrt according to those instructions and then install the respective Gargoyle "sysupgrade" image via OpenWrt's firmware upgrade function.

Once Gargoyle (or OpenWrt) have been successfully installed, subsequent version upgrades normally only require installing the respective "sysupgrade" image.

If in doubt, don't attempt to install one of these images.


Build #1:
- initial build


There are always risks associated with flashing firmware, especially third party firmware, so please carefully consider your circumstances before attempting to install one of these images and be prepared for the possibility of failure and the potential for your router to become unusable (aka "bricked"). Neither I or the Gargoyle team can accept any responsibility for such outcomes.

Unfortunately I cannot practically support this experimental release - despite having been able to assemble a configuration and build several apparently usable firmware images, I lack a lot of knowledge about router hardware and have limited experience with Gargoyle itself and little knowledge of the details of its operation.

For questions specific to this experirmental build, please post a followup to this thread - you may get lucky with someone able to provide assistance.

If you have questions about Gargoyle's interface or general functionality, queries should be addressed to an appropriate section of this forum.

Please also report successful installations of these images to this thread so that Gargoyle's maintainers can evaluate whether there's enough interest in the ipq40xx target to use this experimental build as a basis for adding full support for at least some ipq40xx devices to future Gargoyle releases.

Good luck!

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Re: Experimental build of Gargoyle 1.13.0.x for ipq40xx architecture routers

Post by the4anoni »

Hi @pythonic

Does VLAN on WAN works on this Firmware? I have GL.iNet GL-B1300, and I need VLAN on WAN to establish PPPoE session to have internet.

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Re: Experimental build of Gargoyle 1.13.0.x for ipq40xx architecture routers

Post by pythonic »

Gargoyle doesn't seem to support VLAN on WAN regardless of hardware, at least as far as I can see in the web interface.

According to this OpenWrt thread the B1300 standard WAN interface is configured such that it can't be tagged the way you want, however it is possible to repurpose one of the LAN ports as the WAN and tag on that port instead. To implement this you would have to manually edit the Gargoyle configuration files based on the info in that thread.

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