My setup and thanks

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My setup and thanks

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Hey all, not sure this is the right place for this, but wanted to share my setup and thank the developers and community for making a solution that works and is free.

I work with a non-profit in Senegal, West Africa that manages a 250 acre forest/farm/training center and was tasked with networking the farm on the cheap. Particularly, since our internet is 4G-based and limited to 70GB/mo, I needed a solution that would let me control usage.

I ended up bridging a 4G modem to a Gargoyle-flashed router and from there running a number of Ubiquiti Nanostation wireless links to bridged routers that cover each building on the farm. The master Gargoyle router is managing all DHCP assignments and quotas to around 100 staff and students, and doing it quite well. Fortunately (or unfortunately), our max internet speed never gets above 20mbps, so I haven't run into issues with the overhead and quota management limiting my speeds.

Originally I had looked into running a Radius server or some other thing to manage users, but that was way too complicated for me.

This works, it's simple, and I can manage it remotely. I love it.

Thank you all, especially the guys who spend so much time writing code for no pay.

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Re: My setup and thanks

Post by Lantis »

Thanks for posting, and i'm glad for the small part that Gargoyle can play in supporting your work. :) for the latest releases
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