Gargoyle 1.11.0 Release Candidate 4

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Re: Gargoyle 1.11.0 Release Candidate 4

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rseiler wrote:Did the email script change recently? If it didn't, something else is influencing it weirdly. This definitely didn't happen the last time that I used it, which was perhaps two months ago (or any time before, that I recall).

Bandwidth usage lags a day (i.e. today's is reported tomorrow). Download/upload format.

Router reports:
Nov 20: 5.29 GB 299.82 MB
Nov 21: 5.22 GB 1.50 GB
Nov 22: 2.60 GB 200 MB

Email reports (report sent just before midnight, as always, and the time is correct in the router):
Nov 20: 5.45 GB 423.43 MB
Nov 21: 5.29 GB 299.82 MB
Nov 22: 5.22 GB 1.50 GB

BTW, an unrelated suggestion: Put the Bandwidth usage first in the report, not last. Otherwise, it can be buried by the other items, many of which tend to be lengthy. Plus, Bandwidth usage may be the most important piece of the report.

Sorry it took so long to look at this.
I tested it and could not reproduce the behaviour you are seeing.
From a cursory reading of the code, it doesn’t seem possible. So the error may be elsewhere.
If you can debug it or provide further information, I’ll look again. for the latest releases
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