gargoyle-ispy 2017-October-01 11:50.torrent

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Re: gargoyle-ispy 2017-October-01 11:50.torrent

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quynhnt wrote:I think it's the limit of Gargoyle. I have another buffalo router (WZR-AGL300NH) using Buffalo default firmware and it always operates at 40Mhz (Link speed is 300Mbps) with the same config & condition of router AG300NH using Gargoyle firmware. Please see attached screen shots

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Some APs will stay on 40MHz for the following reason:
1. They were the first one established and so they interfered with no one at the time
2. ...
3. Poor implementation (ignoring) of the standard/law

It is not a limitation of gargoyle. Review your logs and I’m sure you’ll see the following
daemon.notice netifd: radio0 (937): 20/40 MHz operation not permitted on channel pri=1 sec=5 based on overlapping BSSes ... ghz-part-1

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According to 802.11-2012, APs and routers must default to 20 MHz bandwidth mode in the 2.4 GHz band. They may switch to 40 MHz bandwidth mode only after satisfying multiple criteria, including no "fat channel" intolerant bit set and no interfering APs. In addition, to meet spec, APs are not allowed to have a "40 MHz only" mode in the 2.4 GHz band.

If you have configured Gargoyle correctly, then the most likely scenario is the above. for the latest releases
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