1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by Lantis »

Between those 2 versions there was a change to how the DHCP reservation data is stored. It's now stored in a single file (/etc/config/dhcp) whereas before it was stored in 2 different ones (/etc/ethers /etc/hosts).

After saving settings, you could dump out the values from /etc/config/dhcp and check them for obvious faults.
When you save the page all of the necessary services are restarted, you shouldn't need to reboot, nor should a reboot cause a catastrophic failure like you're describing.

My guess would be that you end up with IP conflicts due to device "stickiness". They don't like to give up an IP once they've got it, until the lease period expires (12 hours).
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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by teki4u »

Hi! thank you for your reply.

I finally found what was causing it.
Well, first i upgraded to latest version (1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-August-15 20), and re-added the Static IPs. As i was still having the issue, i started to remove few IPs and test. Once done, network was back to normal.
Today i decided to add them back one by one and realized that one of the hostnames was causing conflict, specifically for a 'special character': ñ. After replacing ñ for n, problem solved.
For the record, this is the first time i face an issue like this since i started to use gargoyle.

Code: Select all

cat /etc/config/dhcp
That code displayed the hostname correctly eather way.

Thank you again for your hard work ;)
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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by thbu »

Great firmware! :D

I've this build on archer A7 v5.6 and till now no major issues.

Its running for 6 days non-stop with no plugins and linked to 3 access points: 1 indoors and 2 outdoors through LAN.
although the wan modem connection restarts about every 2 days but thats probably from ISP because the same happens with the previous TL-WR841N running on stock and then on gargoyle 1.12.
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