1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

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1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by ispyisail »



Now includes packages

1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent




(see creation date for commit date)

https://github.com/ericpaulbishop/gargo ... its/master

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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by phgerin »

Works great for me, thanks !

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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by swasti »

thanks. i will try later.
still on 1.12.X (Built 20200610

preserve settings: not possible - or mo warranty?
i ask because i have lots of quotas, ip-ranges, mac-adresses and some other stuff.
or is there another way to bring them back on new flashed device? scp copy, wget from webspace or some other?

thank you for your great work with this firmware!

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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by Lantis »

Officially, no.
The formats of some configs have changed significantly due to the introduction of IPv6. If you want to try, you're on your own.
http://lantisproject.com/downloads/gargoyle_ispyisail.php for the latest releases
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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by edu »

Thank you very much for this build!
My router is working like a charm with this one.
WDR-4300, preserved settings from the previous build.

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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by swasti »

thank you,
ok, so the best way is to make a backup, update with not preserving. adding all the stuff i need per hand after update.
will take to much time for a quick update, will try that on next weekend.

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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by RomanHK »

So I could help and make them easier to download, so I started my own web server: http://gargoyle.romanhk.cz

Here you can find the latest (and some older) builds from this forum.

Build from @ispyisail (I thank him):
The "images and built" directory will be decompressed by file.
Here you will also find a mirror in compressed form.

You can use my (already unpacked) resources and paste them into Gargoyle via SSH. After pressing the "Refresh plugin" button, the resources will be loaded.

Run commands using SSH (should work for all architectures):

Code: Select all

cpath1=$(cat /etc/opkg.conf | grep 'gargoyle http' | sed 's/^.*gargoyle-1.14//g')
cpath2=$(cat /etc/opkg.conf | grep 'gargoyle_kernel_specific http' | sed 's/^.*gargoyle-1.14//g')
echo 'src/gz romanhk http://gargoyle.romanhk.cz/1.13.x/1.13.0.x%20gargoyle-ispy%202021-April-23%2007/built'$cpath1 >> /etc/opkg.conf
echo 'src/gz romanhk_kernel_specific http://gargoyle.romanhk.cz/1.13.x/1.13.0.x%20gargoyle-ispy%202021-April-23%2007/built'$cpath2 >> /etc/opkg.conf
I also recommend performing this step via SSH to download some OpenWrt packages correctly (eg Squid proxy server). This should work for all architectures:

Code: Select all

cat /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf >> /etc/opkg.conf

:!: Here I must warn that if you are installing Gargoyle packages (such as "plugin-gargoyle-usb-storage-full") you must first comment out the OpenWrt repository for compatibility with Gargoyle packages:

Example of how to install the "plugin-gargoyle-usb-storage-full" package:

1. Run commands via SSH to install Gargoyle packages:

Code: Select all

sed -i 's+src/gz openwrt+#src/gz openwrt+g' /etc/opkg.conf
rm -rf /tmp/opkg-lists/*
gpkg update
gpkg install plugin-gargoyle-usb-storage-full
sed -i 's+#src/gz openwrt+src/gz openwrt+g' /etc/opkg.conf
2. You can now install OpenWrt packages that are not part of Gargoyle.

It is important to keep this procedure for package compatibility as follows: if you want another Gargoyle package, you must start with a point. 1!

Also note that I use http instead of https, as there may be a problem with https if the router does not have the right time (or does not have an ssl library).

P.S. Sometimes the server may not work because of an update - but this should take a short time. Also, I don't know how long I will be hosting my site, but I will try to keep it as long as possible.

Good luck and good health ;) ...
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Linksys WRT3200ACM with Gargoyle 1.13.x
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http://gargoyle.romanhk.cz custom builds by gargoyle users

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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by ionelstefan »

thanks for your help

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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by snake218 »

Thanks for all your hard work.
I was wondering, why no "official" build yet if 1.13.0?

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Re: 1.13.0.x gargoyle-ispy 2021-April-23 07.torrent

Post by teki4u »

Hi, first of all thank you for the hard work, for helping and sharing.

I have a weird situation going on with this build in my Archer C7 v2.
I upgraded from 1.10.0 (factory reset and then upgrade w/o preserving settings), but previously i took screenshots and saved a text file with all dhcp static IPs to make it faster to set up everything again.
The problem is while setting static IPs manually, at first some partially work but other hosts eg: smartphones refuse to connect, so i reboot router, after that everything screws up, no host would pick up an IPv4 address.
The hosts that connect via wireless show "IP configuration error", while the ones connected via ethernet think it's disconnected.
Once i remove all assigned static IPs from the web ui and save changes without the need of a reboot, everything goes back to normal and the hosts can connect succesfully, but off course static IPs STILL BROKEN.

Before i factory reset again, is there something i can do to try to figure it out what the problem is?

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