Suggestion: GW in different subnet problem

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Suggestion: GW in different subnet problem

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This is a problem that persisted for a long time, also happens in DD-DRT, tomato etc.

Here in Auckland they use PPPoA exclusively, the problem is the provided gateway is in a different subnet from the leased IP.
When using gargoyle in DHCP wan mode, along side with a half-bridge modem, the gateway won't be added to the routing table.

Here's the workaround I'm using now.

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GW=$(uci -P /var/state get network.wan.gateway)
route add -host $GW dev $(uci -P /var/state get network.wan.ifname)
route add default gw $GW

Since it's a pretty common scenario, is possible for something similar to this to be put in the firmware itself, maybe a tickbox that says "Gateway in different subnet"?

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