TOR Stats and Change server button

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TOR Stats and Change server button

Postby Dev_BR » Wed Apr 23, 2014 7:50 pm

Hi !

Sometimes, TOR provide a dead server, or something like it and internet dont surf.
Other time, I would like to change the server I am connected to.
It is nice to now the server name we are connected to, and if possible, to enter the server name or ID for what we want to conect.

This way, we could choose to always have an IP from USA, ou never get an IP from Venezuale, for example.

So, its some ideas
1 - a button like, Change TOR Server;
2 - a Text box to enter the TOR Server ID to conect
3 - A Status log, with some nice info about TOR, like Actual Server name, Total data out/in ....

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