WAN Accelerator or WAN Speed Improvements

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WAN Accelerator or WAN Speed Improvements

Post by wesleyh »

I would like to see this or openwrt offer a WAN Accelerator to help WAN Speed Improvements. I use the VPN but with Very High Latancy Connections the speed downloads are bad from a VPN connection. I use a WNDR3700V2 but if to improve this we need to move to better hardware like a real CPU than that would be fine and just make our Routers more of a switch and Wireless AP. this is something that is very lacking in the community and could be a big improvement over very expensive WAN Accelerators. This is really needed for anyone that travels and uses any type of VPN connection. also some Streaming improvements would be great also

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Re: WAN Accelerator or WAN Speed Improvements

Post by DoesItMatter »

I've never heard of this but was doing some research.

Looks like Wan Accelerators actually have local storage, like a hard drive
for storing frequently used files, applications etc, like a cache, and
would be installed in remote locations to cache the most frequently
used data files, etc.

This would not be possible with a home router unless you had some
very powerful router + an external hard drive attached to cache the

I don't think you will see this happen but you could try and see what
the folks at OpenWRT might say about this.

This would definitely have to be done on the OpenWRT side of things.
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Re: WAN Accelerator or WAN Speed Improvements

Post by jorgemiguel4 »

Actually OpenWRT support squid, but I have tried it once on a TL-WR1043nd with a 500mb cache flashdisk and browsing became slow as hell. However it works very well on Computers. :)

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