Choice of where and how often to save BW and web search data

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Choice of where and how often to save BW and web search data

Post by Hoggy »

As the title suggests, it would be awesome to have a choice of where and how often to save such data.. Ala - Tomato style.

For those concerned about writing too often to the flash (which I believe is the same as nvram on home routers), this feature could make us breath a little easier. :) Even if there isn't a heavy concern for most home routers, there may be some that have lower specs - and I've read somewhere that the flash in home routers don't have a wear-leveling controller chip to maximize the life of the flash memory unlike flash-drives.
Whether this is in fact true or not, I don't know - but it could be possible for some cost cutting manufacturers to do away with such a thing.

As least those of us concerned could breath a sigh of relief about it. And I would think most of us geeks would have UPS back-up systems anyways.
However it would be nice to be able to save such data to flash if one were to reboot the router or something.. To me such data is mainly a matter of curiosity and something to play around with.

Many thanks for creating this great firmware! Can't wait to get into testing the QOS features of this FW - the main reason I bought a router FOR this FW. (And sorry for sounding like a broken record about this - it just has me worried sick after I found out about where and how often such data gets saved.)

P.S. At least make it an option that is easily configured by WinSCP'ing in and changing some variables in a file or two.. That ALONE would be great!
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Re: Choice of where and how often to save BW and web search

Post by sajjadhalai »

it might have save data frequently.. exmple: after each min or save data after each 20 sec automatically.

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