Russian PPPoE (Dual Access)

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Re: Russian PPPoE (Dual Access)

Post by Eric »

pbix: Given that this is posted in the Feature Request forum, it's already fairly obvious that this isn't currently implemented... that's why it's a feature request. It's true this isn't terribly high on my priority list, but it's a perfectly legitimate request.

Also, I think Cezary implemented a plugin that would allow PPTP VPN client -- you might either send him a PM or browse the development forum to find that plugin and see if you can get that working.

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Re: Russian PPPoE (Dual Access)

Post by werter »

Thanx for all replies!
I still found something that I lacked as a gargoyle! It's Netshe
It's openwrt-based firmware with Dual (or Russian) connections type.

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Re: Russian PPPoE (Dual Access)

Post by rnbguy »

it would be good to see this.

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Re: Russian PPPoE (Dual Access)

Post by karym »

werter wrote:Вы далекооо не первый , кто об этом просит :(
Не хотят этого делать буржуи . Хотя в той же wive-ng это реализовано прекрасно.

Проблему Russia PPPoE Dual access решил легко с помощью добавления маршрутизации:

ip route add via sss.sss.sss.sss ,
где - подсеть и ее ранг (в моём случае - локалка с её внутри сетевыми ресурсами;
sss.sss.sss.sss - шлюз моей подсети: .

эту командочку добавляем в /etc/rc.local .

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