Gargoyle QoS Linespeed Calculation

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Gargoyle QoS Linespeed Calculation

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When I first started using Gargoyle's QoS features one of the first things I had trouble understanding was to set the Upload value to 95% or lower.

I was thinking perhaps the page should be set out slightly different so that the percentile trimmed from bandwidth is automated from a ComboBox and a calculation is performed to set the variable in the configuration that is saved from the page.

Something like this:
Upload Line Speed: 50000
Bandwidth Shaping Policy:

95% being the default value etc. I don't think we would need options below 75% as that should cover the more extreme variations.
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Re: Gargoyle QoS Linespeed Calculation

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Its always a fine balance between a full power user settings vs beginner settings?

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