QOS profiles

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QOS profiles

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Having a set of rules bundled up in a profile would be great. It could go in a number of different directions. As one could have the ability to test 'X' config over 'Y'. If one didn't work, they simply revert to the previous profile.

Furthermore, the router's firmware could come supplied with some pre-defined profiles. So a gamer profile may differ than that of a general profile.


The other thought could also be something of a 'scheduled'/cron'ed situation. To which profile A could be activated at a certain time of day/hour/whatever, and would swap to profile B at a scheduled time.

So say if a 'General usage' profile is utilized, which gives everybody a fair slice of the pipe (equalization) kicks in. But torrents end up being in a low % or heavily throttled due to specific rules. But off hours a secondary profile kicks in so transfer rates would become more favorable.

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Re: QOS profiles

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This has been suggested

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