STA Manager colors

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STA Manager colors

Post by LoyLT »

Recently updated my gargoyles to v1.12, noticed the STA Manager, and had a hard time finding any actual/useful documentation on it... but I did find a post about the colors meaning whether it's connected or not

....unfortunately, the colors being used are way too light/washed out... I can't tell them apart with my slight color identifying deficiency... I was wondering if there was a way that I could edit the hex codes of the colors being displayed to make it more obvious to my chromatically challenged eyes to see what's going on? if not, could that be added?

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Re: STA Manager colors

Post by Lantis »

It uses the default bootstrap classes of "success", "warning" and "danger" (nominally green, yellow and red) to indicate connected/not connected and blacklisted.

You can either redefine those, or modify how the colours are specified in the javascript at /www/js/sta_manager.js
Line 204
Line 216
Line 221 for the latest releases
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