Bandwidth Usage Table Accuracy

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Bandwidth Usage Table Accuracy

Post by Tareq »

When i compare the data usage between gargoyle and isp , i found a difference.

The isp give me 18 gigabyte ber month ,, when i finshed my gigabytes , i checkd gargoyle total data bandwidth and i found it less , about 15.5 gigabyte.

Another thing

I tested the data usage by using (datausage meter app.) and i found a data-usage difference between my gargoyle router and the app.

why this difference?
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Re: Bandwidth Usage Table Accuracy

Post by Lantis »

They all use different metrics and algorithms to measure your data.

Your ISP wants to charge you for EVERY SINGLE BIT you send through their pipes.
Gargoyle i believe counts actual throughput.

There is going to be discrepancies.

Also if you are on an ADSL connection or anything with a significant overhead (approx 15%) then that can cause a difference.
Your figures come out to just about 15% too which is interesting. for the latest releases
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