Quota ignored for TOR enabled hosts

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Quota ignored for TOR enabled hosts

Post by nworbnhoj »

I am running Gargoyle 1.6.2 on a TL-WR1043ND v2.

I have quotas in place for each regular user by allocating their devices to a band of IP addresses. (ie 300mB/day quota for

I have a catch-all quota in place for guests (ie 100mB/day for "All Hosts Without Explicit Quotas (Combined)").

I also have the TOR plugin installed and "Enabled, Toggled by Each Host".

When a regular user with a quota enables TOR, then their usage appears to be allocated to the "All Hosts Without Explicit Quotas (Combined)" quota, rather than their own.

This is not what I expected. I expected a user's usage to be allocated to their quota, regardless of Tor being enabled or disabled. Is this unexpected behaviour a bug, or am I mising something?

thanks in advance :-)
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Re: Quota ignored for TOR enabled hosts

Post by ispyisail »

It is possible that you are the only person who has tried this?

You are probably now the expert on this topic?

any updates?

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