Qos situation...

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Qos situation...

Post by atomico »

Hello, i am new at qos and i have this situation:

i have 2 pc
1) main pc -> games and download
2) other pc -> streaming / download

I'd like have that when i am playing on main pc the priority of all is ping. I need low ping

BUT when i am not playing i want full bandwitch open for everyone.
Reading guide i don't know if this is possible, i read that i can reserve a static % at gaming but i don't want lose bandwitch if i am not playing.

so? is it possible?


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Re: Qos situation...

Post by drawz »

try fq_codel in openwrt or dd-wrt. Gargoyle's ACC will help with this too. you'll give up a little bandwidth off the top (set max in QOS to 90% of your line rate), but it's worth it and works all the time.

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