Worth Upgrading? - Gaming pings

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Worth Upgrading? - Gaming pings

Post by andydeeau »


I am considering purchasing a new router to allow me to run Gargoyle (currently looking at the TP-LINK TL-WDR4300).

The problem I am having is high/spiking pings in online games when my housemate is downloading on the wi-fi.

I have tried setting up QoS on my current modem/router which is a Netgear DGN2000v4, but this has not been very effective at all, pings still spiking from 30-40 ping to up to 200 when the wi-fi is in use.

I have an adsl2 connection with roughly 16mbps down and 1mbps upload speeds. I am wondering how effectively I could control bandwidth via QoS or throttling with Gargoyle? Is it likely that I could set up it in up such a way as to maintain low pings while gaming despite what ever else is happening on the network, or is it likely that I would still experience disruptions?

All of my experiences with QoS in the past have been less than impressive so I just wanted to get some opinions before I shell out for a new router.


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Re: Worth Upgrading? - Gaming pings

Post by drawz »

try something with fq_codel support - openwrt or dd-wrt. wish gargoyle would add it. The WDR3600 runs either openwrt or ddwrt just fine.

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Re: Worth Upgrading? - Gaming pings

Post by Magnets »

I've got 4Mb DSL and Gargoyle is really much better than I was expecting with regards to pings. I have the ACC ping set at 30 and regular browsing doesn't show any effect on ingame pings.

If you really start to saturate the line it will spike to 100+ ms. ACC can take some time to adjust and it's not perfect but very good.

The only downside is losing some max throughput and ACC takes time to push back to full speed after you've finished gaming.

I'm not sure how effective it is on faster lines.

I got a WR814N from Amazon for £20, so not too much to risk and it's working fine except for wifi which causes the PSU to squeal (probably dodgy power brick as TPlink are notorious for).

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