Best settings for gaming QoS+DSCP

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Re: Best settings for gaming QoS+DSCP

Post by Lantis »

If you ping exceeds the level set in the active congestion controller, it will shape your connection to get latency under control.
Looking at your connection, you have VERY high latency. ACC is just doing what it is supposed to do.

From a low speed, if your link demands it, AND your latency is under control, it will allow it to speed up again.
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Re: Best settings for gaming QoS+DSCP

Post by Volaris »

The only suggestions I have would be to try to disable that minRTT setting in the Priority service class so ACC isn't as harsh with ping times.

Since your ping time is high, try using the default ping target instead of to see if that makes a difference.
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Re: Best settings for gaming QoS+DSCP

Post by -taz- »

Problem solved

Alone, change the ping destination.

The rest, I still use it as shown in the screenshots.

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